The act of entering the Village by the guest implies full and unconditional acceptance thereof


On arrival, Guests holding a reservation, after having left their vehicle (car or motorbike) at the car park, must go to the Courtesy Office for check-in operations. They will be asked to show a valid identity document for legal purposes.

For the safety of guests and in order to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the Village, each guest will be asked to wear a personal, non-transferable identification bracelet upon registration, which will allow them to enter the Village and access its services. It must be kept visible and shown upon request of the staff in charge for any checks.

Loss of the aforementioned bracelet shall entail the payment of € 50.00 as a penalty.


Day guests are allowed to enter the Village from 08.30 a.m. with an expected exit no later than 8.30 p.m.

Upon payment of a fee displayed on site and deposit of a valid identity document at the reception, guests will be given the order to wear an identity bracelet, which is to be considered personal and non-transferable; it will allow them to access and use the services provided, in compliance with the current regulations, and must be kept visible and shown upon request of the staff in charge for any checks.

Failure to collect the identity document deposited for the bathing day after the scheduled time shall constitute formal and administrative proof of an overnight stay in the Village with the consequent charge of double the maximum daily rate for full board as displayed in the price list. At the time of leaving, the identification bracelet must be cut at the offices.

Guest’s day visitors are still required to pay the rate displayed on site regardless of the type of accommodation in which they are staying.

You may also visit the Village for a maximum of 45 minutes by depositing an identity document at the reception. Failure to collect the identity document after the 45-minute period has elapsed shall constitute formal and administrative proof of entry for the day inside the Village, resulting in a charge of double the maximum daily rate on the price list.


The Villaggio Marzotto is a private facility and therefore the circulation of vehicles used for loading/unloading operations is allowed inside it, as well as vehicles owned by guests exclusively for reaching, at a walking pace, the parking areas and vice versa for leaving the facility.

Entry and exit from the Village with or without vehicles is allowed exclusively through the main gate at no. 44 Viale Oriente, from 06.00 to 24.00. From midnight to 06.00 hrs, entry and exit is permitted for 5 minutes every half hour from 00.30 hrs.


Parking is permitted for one vehicle (car or motorbike) per accommodation and exclusively in the designated areas, any additional vehicles (cars or motorbikes) will be charged at rates displayed on site.

Vehicles must have parking tickets, which will be handed out at the moment of check in. Parking vans may be authorised by the Management by prior arrangement prior to arrival. It is forbidden to park camper vans, motor homes and caravans inside the Village. The car park is unattended and the Management shall not be held liable, by way of example but not limited to, for any damage, theft, vandalism, falling branches or pine cones, atmospheric events or otherwise.

Parking outside the designated areas is prohibited, including during unloading and loading of luggage. The Management reserves the right to remove vehicles and/or other vehicles without a parking permit, with the owner being charged for the cost.

Daily guests wishing to park inside may access the car park upon payment of the daily rate provided and displayed on site.


The beach area reserved for accommodation will be available from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival until 12.00 a.m. on the day of departure;
All equipment (bicycles, beach games, pushchairs, etc.) must be placed with order exclusively in the unattended spaces normally located near the buildings;
The Fondazione Marzotto shall not be liable for any damage, theft or vandalism caused to the aforementioned equipment;
The equipment, furnishings in the rooms, common areas and beach must be respected. For safety reasons, the use of electric and open-flame cookers is strictly forbidden both inside and outside the buildings. Any damage caused will be charged;
It is forbidden to bring animals inside the Village and on the beach;
It is absolutely forbidden to wear goggles of any kind in the swimming pool, except for specific swimming goggles, and the use of swimming caps is compulsory;
The Management declines all responsibility for any physical problems that may arise from the use of all the Village’s equipment and services, in particular: sports, swimming and entertainment activities in general, as well as the use of the Turkish bath and sun shower;
It is forbidden to enter the restaurant, offices and church wearing a swimming costume or in any case objectively inappropriate clothing. Anyone wearing inappropriate clothing may be expelled at the Management’s discretion;
Packed lunches are forbidden within the perimeter of the Village;
Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or by persons who have been expressly delegated to do so, or by whoever holds parental authority; the latter being held directly responsible for the behaviour of minors, they must take care to ensure that their liveliness does not disturb the other guests in the Village. Children must also always be accompanied to the various services of the Village by an adult, and be supervised when swimming in the sea and/or swimming pool and while in the park or play area, as this is unattended;
The weekly rate of stay at the Village refers to full board (self-service). Failure to eat meals and/or breakfasts does not entitle you to any reimbursement;
In the event of food intolerances, guests are obliged to notify them at the time of booking and in any case no later than the date of arrival, presenting suitable medical certification.
The weekly reservation begins on Saturday (dinner included for room guests) with the handing over of the keys to the accommodation, which will take place from 17.00 at the offices, and ends on Saturday (breakfast included for room guests) with the handing over of the keys by 09.00, again at the offices;
Please also note that the silence hours from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 24.00 to 07.00 must be respected;
At the Village there is a control and surveillance service with qualified personnel whose task is to ensure compliance with all the rules set out in these regulations;
In the unquestionable judgement of the Management, non-compliance, even partial, with these Rules and Regulations of the Village or behaviour that does not comply with the rules of coexistence, may result in the expulsion of the guest(s) with the relative obligations provided for in the general booking conditions.
Certain of the utmost willingness of our Dear Guests to respect and/or enforce these regulations, we thank you for your collaboration and wish you all a good and peaceful holiday.
The Fondazione Marzotto reserves the right to apply the rates in this list to eligible persons.



Without presentation of medical certification or other documentation proving the state of necessity, the full cost of the stay set out in the reservation will be charged;
Upon presentation of medical certification or other documentation proving the state of necessity, the full rate of the stay as set out in the reservation will be charged. This rate may be reduced by 50% – for the days not used – subject to the delivery/sending of supporting documentation in written form, only if the same is received within 5 days of the date of the event and the Village identification bracelet is cut off, at the reception, at the time of departure. Documentation, which for the purposes of the reduction as set out above, will be assessed at the sole discretion of Fondazione Marzotto;
With presentation of work certification, the rate may be reduced by 20% – for the days not used – subject to delivery/sending of the employer’s supporting documentation (in original) only if this is received within 5 days from the date of the event and if the Village identification bracelet is cut off, at the reception, at the time of exit.
Documentation, which for the purposes of the above reduction, will be assessed at the sole discretion of Fondazione Marzotto;


An extra-surcharge of 30% of the adult rate will be applied to each unused bed in relation to the room capacity;


Changes to bookings made after payment of the deposit, on arrival and/or during the stay, will incur an administrative charge of € 5.00 each.


The balance of the amount due by the guest must be paid before the end of the stay and can be made either before arrival or during the stay on the days and during the cash office’s opening hours displayed on site;


In the event of removal from the Village, as provided for in the Regulations, there is an obligation to pay the total balance for the stay within and no later than 5 days from receipt of the invoice/receipt. In any case, with regard to the provisions of points 4 and 5 of these Rules and Regulations, the person who made the reservation shall be jointly and severally liable;


A deposit of € 100.00 per paying guest, per week, is required. This must be paid by postal current account number 15641368, or alternatively by bank transfer made out to Fondazione Marzotto, indicating the booking number, at Banca delle Terre Venete Credito Cooperativo – IBAN IT08 S0839960820000000272515

to be made exclusively upon receipt of the Reservation; 50% of the deposit may be refunded only if the cancellation, even partial cancellation, is received in written form no later than 15 days prior to the start date of the planned stay. In the event of partial cancellation of the participant(s) for the period of the stay, where possible, the office may assign another room of the same capacity as the actual number of occupants. It is however the guest’s right to request, as an alternative, the application of the provisions of point 2; In the case of an option on booking for the following season, at the same time as the request it is necessary to make a deposit payment of € 25.00, which will then be deducted from the above mentioned deposit;


Persons who choose to add to a room are obliged to register with our offices, otherwise all guests in the reservation will be removed from the Village.
This addition includes the possibility of choosing bed and breakfast only for the first night, after which a fee will be charged in proportion to the number of nights actually stayed, calculated on the price list applied to all guests in the room; At the time of departure, guests are required to cut off their identification bracelet at the offices.


Bookings for periods of less than a week, will be possible to choose exclusively, for all members, of the room, one of the modes provided, i.e. full board, half board and overnight stay with breakfast; please note that half-board only includes ‘DINNER and BREAKFAST’.



Self-service full board intended from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day, drinks not included. For Villa Verde/Holiday Home guests this service is not included in the price;
Blankets, bed linen (therefore excluding towels, bathrobes and/or courtesy set) and various utilities;
Uncovered, unattended parking space for one car or motorbike per accommodation;
Beach place consisting of 1 beach umbrella, 1 sunbed and 1 deckchair;
The use of the “Sala Mamme” is reserved for a single parent with a child from 0 to 24 months in order to preserve the space necessary to do the activities for which the room is intended. Basic food supplies (non-powdered milk, pastina, meat and vegetable broth, etc.) will be provided;
Use of the swimming pools and various facilities as per the on-site regulations and timetables;
Participation in animation and entertainment activities;
General nursing care and medical assistance are guaranteed on a daily basis at the Village outpatient clinic in accordance with the timetables on site. Requests for assistance from the nursing staff outside the surgery’s opening hours, both day and night, which are not followed by access to the emergency room, admission to hospital or intervention by the doctor on call, shall be charged at the call rate displayed on site. Failure to give notice as set out above will result in exclusion from any claims for compensation;


Towels, bathroom linen and courtesy set;
Daily room/apartment/holiday home cleaning; it is possible to have the room/apartment/holiday home cleaned from Monday to Friday upon request at the Courtesy Office, with a charge for each intervention as per the rate displayed on site;
Table service excluding beverages; it is possible to use table service subject to availability upon payment of a weekly extra-surcharge of € 59.50 per paying guest. The service at the ‘il Gomitolo’ restaurant will be guaranteed with a minimum of 50 people having requested to use this service, otherwise the service will be provided at the main restaurant;
Swimming lessons, bicycle hire, hairdressing service and other as per the tariff displayed on site;



What is foreseen for the room reservation with the exception of the restaurant service;
The use of the accommodation up to the number of beds indicated in the price list. The addition of persons beyond the number of beds will be charged as per the rate displayed on site.
In the case of day visitors, guests staying in the accommodation, payment of the rate displayed on site is required regardless of the type of accommodation in which the stay is spent.
Children are free of charge up to the age of 2 years considering their age at the end of their stay;
In the event that full board is combined with the reservation, it must also be combined with the guests who will be added to the reservation during the period of stay;
Option to use the catering service:
Self-service restaurant meals upon purchase of a ticket at the offices.


(Valdagno – S. Vitale – Vicenza – Jesolo)

18.00 (single trip, per person) € 36.00 (return trip, per person), is guaranteed for the period of activation of the service and if indicated and confirmed in the booking. Requests received at a later date will only be fulfilled if places are available. It is possible to opt out of the service if communicated in writing no later than 15 days before the planned start date of the stay. After this deadline, the full fee will be retained.


assign the use of common rooms on the ground floor of the buildings, other common areas and sports facilities to groups and/or events;


For situations arising from force majeure as defined at the Management’s sole discretion, the Management reserves the right to change the accommodation assigned upon confirmation of the booking;

Please note that in order to benefit from discounts provided for by conventions (e.g. A.L.P. members, children attending the Fondazione Marzotto early childhood services, etc…), these must be requested at the time of booking and supported by suitable documentation. Discounts will not be granted if requested at the time of payment. Discounts under existing arrangements/conventions are not applicable to bookings of less than one week and cannot be combined under any circumstances;

It is specified that this price list is net of any Tourist Tax determined by the competent Authority(ies), therefore prices may vary due to this;


BEDROOMS AND APARTMENTS ARE PROVIDED WITH BED LINEN (sheets, blankets, pillowcases), BUT ARE NOT PROVIDED WITH BATHROOM LINEN (towels, bathrobes, courtesy set, etc.)





For the last week of stay from 07/09 to 15/09/2024 (days 8), the weekly fee as per price list must be considered increased by 1/7.