Frequently Asked Questions


Registration is compulsory, we remind you that Public Safety regulations require every person staying at the Village to register. We will make you wear a bracelet, which you must keep on your wrist for the duration of your holiday. You will be given a Parking Ticket, which you must display prominently on the windscreen of your vehicle. There are notice boards at the entrance to the Village where you can find your username and password for free access to Wi-Fi (all day and with no restrictions for social and communication channels). Please check the accuracy of your registration and report any changes, arrivals and departures to the offices.


At the time of departure you must return

  • The Parking Ticket
  • The wristbands of all participants in the stay

Please note that departure from the Village must take place by 8.30 p.m. on the scheduled day of departure. Accommodation must be vacated by 09.00 am by returning the key to the offices.


Day guests are allowed to enter the Village from 08.30 a.m. with an expected exit no later than 08.30 p.m.

The guest is required to pay a fee displayed on site and deposit a valid identity document at the reception will be made to wear an identification bracelet, which is to be considered personal and non-transferable; it will allow access to and use of the services provided, in compliance with the regulations in force, and must be kept visible and shown upon request of the staff in charge for any checks.

Please note that swimming caps are required for access to the pool for everyone.

Failure to collect the identity document deposited for the bathing day after the scheduled time shall constitute formal and administrative proof of an overnight stay in the Village with the consequent charge of double the maximum daily rate for full board as set out in the price list. At the time of leaving, the identification bracelet must be cut at the offices.

In the case of day visitors, guests staying on the premises are still required to pay the rate displayed on site regardless of the type of accommodation in which they are staying.

It is also permitted to visit the Village for a maximum of 45 minutes by depositing an identity document at the reception.

Failure to collect the identity document after the 45 minutes has elapsed shall constitute formal and administrative proof of entry to the Village for the bathing day, with the consequent charge of double the maximum daily rate on the price list.


The reception desk is open from 07.00 to 21.00, at night from 21.00 to 07.00.


For the next season, you can book your preferred accommodation already during the summer season.
You must request and confirm your reservation by paying a deposit of € 25.00 at the offices.


Minors may not enter the Village unless accompanied by a parent and may not occupy accommodation on their own.
The sale and serving of alcoholic beverages to minors under the age of 18 is prohibited.


At the Management’s discretion and upon presentation of an identity document, which will be kept until you leave, you may

  • visit the Village free of charge by entering until 7.45 p.m., for a maximum duration of 45 minutes.
  • purchase a day pass to visit friends or relatives who are guests of the Village.

Entrance is only permitted from 08.30, with exit by 20.30.

Please note that our Guests are required to ensure that their visitors are properly registered and are responsible for their behaviour in the Village.

Access and presence in the Village by persons not authorised by the Management entails

  • Violation of the Public Security Regulations
  • Violation of Article 633 of the Criminal Code (invasion of land and buildings)
  • Violation of Article 624 of the Criminal Code (theft of services)
  • Offence of contractual fraud.


The cash desk is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09.30 to 14.30. On Saturdays it is open for new arrivals.
You can pay for your holiday on the scheduled opening days. Payments with American Express are not accepted.
Cash payments up to € 4999 are accepted.


There is a bathing surveillance service (lifeguard) on the beach but it is subject to seasonal restrictions.

In accordance with the Harbour Master’s Office regulations, please always respect the indication given by the flags on the beach:

  • RED: indicates danger due to sea conditions and/or that the lifeguard service is absent, reduced or suspended
  • YELLOW: indicates that the lifeguard service is reduced
  • BLUE: indicates that the lifeguard service is operational and that the weather conditions are ideal and safe for bathing; no danger.


Safety regulations provide for a maximum speed of 10 km/h. Mopeds up to 50 cc. must be pushed by hand.
Cyclists are required to observe speed limits and to turn on their lights during the evening hours.
It is absolutely forbidden to drive in the pedestrian area of the Village.
Electric bicycles (electric scooters, Segways, etc.) may only be used by persons of legal age.
The use of non-electric bicycles is permitted (waveboards, scooters, skateboards, roller skates) and for children under 12 years of age only under the close supervision of an adult.


In order to ensure a pleasant holiday for everyone, we ask you to observe maximum silence from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from midnight to 7 a.m.

Radios, televisions and electronic devices must be kept to a minimum during daylight hours and after midnight.


Washing machines and dryers are available for a fee, located in the laundry area of the Village; there is also a drying room for common use in front of the laundry.


Use of the play areas is at the user’s own risk; in particular, parents are advised to keep their children under constant supervision.

The use of sports equipment is only permitted following the safety instructions in the regulations displayed near the equipment.

It is forbidden to play football in the Village parks.


The Village area is covered by a Wi-Fi signal, which may vary depending on the vegetation and weather conditions.
Use of Wi-Fi is free all day and without limitation for social and communication channels. Credentials for access can be found on the Village’s main notice boards.


The Village is equipped with an outpatient clinic open during the hours displayed on site, with a nurse (present in the Village 24 hours a day). Outside surgery hours, the service is provided for a fee (rates displayed). The doctor is present during certain hours displayed on site.

The outpatient clinic is located on the ground floor of building 7.

WARNING: infectious diseases, or diseases suspected of being infectious, must be reported immediately to the doctor or to the Village Management!



In a large, flat green area where you can move around freely and safely, we are committed to providing the best possible accommodation for those with special needs.
Inside there is accommodation suitable for people with mobility impairments. There are also special walkways to the sea and beach wheelchairs. Some of the Village’s toilets are accessible and there are specific counters at the offices.
Dogs are not allowed in the Village, except only in the cases provided for in the single article of Law No. 37 of 12.02.1974 and Law No. 376 of 25.08.1988 concerning dogs to accompany the blind, for which a medical certificate is required.


The very nature of the Village and the characteristics of the environment in which it is located imply the presence of natural unevenness in the terrain. The Management declines all responsibility for any incident resulting from the aforementioned circumstances.

Although the Management guarantees continuous surveillance of the Village, it shall not be liable for theft or for the loss or theft of valuables.

The Management is not liable for damage caused by other Guests, vandalism, atmospheric events and natural disasters, falling trees, branches or pine cones, fires, insects, epidemics, diseases, including plant diseases.

The Village Management has the right to expel those who do not comply with these Rules and Regulations. Guests who have already been expelled or recalled may not enter the Village without a new, specific authorisation from the Management.

Please promptly report any complaints and grievances to the Village Reception.


Available to all guests recharging pillar for a fee, with tariff displayed on site. Two bus stops are located near the entrance to the Villaggio Marzotto. Tickets can be purchased at the Village bazaar.
For those who wish to move independently, it is possible to rent a bike directly inside the Village at reception.


You can find our gadgets at the offices and at the animation Beach Point.


We invite you to answer the short questionnaire that you will find in your accommodation on arrival. It is very important to us and will enable us to be more attentive to your needs and closer to your expectations.